Features that you'll love.

We're continuously building new features.

E-Commerce Website

Mobile-First Design

Recent studies have proven that majority of transactions are happening on mobile web.

Setup in Minutes

Spend more time running your business while your store is easily configurable with just a few steps.

Secured with SSL

All stores are protected with free 256-bit SSL certificate to protect your customers and data transfers.

Shopping Cart

Accept credit/debit card payments as well as Bank Transfers.

Shipping Rates

Set your shipping rates based on country, city or even postal code.

Google Analtyics

Just provide your Google Analytics code to start analysing your customers behaviours.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Your store comes with unlimited bandwidth so it doesn't matter how much traffic you have.

Automated Upgrades

Let us handle website upgrades automatically and keep everything updated and secure.

Store Management

Manage on the go

Easily manage your store with our mobile friendly dashboard.

Product Variations

Create Product Variations eg. Size / Color easily for your products.

Inventory Management

Set up different warehouse locations so you can keep track of your inventory.

Automated Payments

Credit card payments are automatically processed and get paid within days of order fulfilment.


Handle refunds if needed and automatically restore stock in inventory.

Customer Loyalty


Boost sales and customer loyalty with discount codes and promotions.

Customer Reviews

Get customers to write reviews with photos for the products they purchased.

Gift Cards

Allow customers to purchase gift cards so they can surprise their friends and family.

Loyalty Points

Encourage future spending with loyalty points for customers to redeem for discounts.

Can't find something you need? Let us know and we're happy to build it if it benefits businesses.